BJJ is a very popular sport in Zurich, but there are not as many tournaments hosted here as in other places. It’s probably hard to find good locations for the organizers.

There used to be a yearly IBJJF Zurich Open, but it seems that it has been discontinued in the past years. Maybe it will come back now that the situation with Covid has gotten better.

There are many good BJJ gyms in Zurich, one of them is the BJJ Lab Zürich which is sponsoring this website. If you live close by or are traveling through, make sure to drop in and check it out.

The address is Hagenholzstrasse 65, 8050 Zürich. Want to stay up to date? Check out the BJJ Lab Facebook Page and the BJJ Lab Zürich Instagram. For the schedule check out BJJ Lab Schedule.

Zurich ist the largest city in Switzerland and is the capital of the canton with the same name. It is connected to the world through the countries largest international airport, Zurich airport. This makes it very easy to visit Zurich from abroad.

The city is very international and has a large amount of expats living there (and quite a few are training at the BJJ Lab).

Two BJJ Athletes standing in Bahnhofsstrasse in Zürich, Switzerland